Monday, October 11, 2010


This is a breeding group that is going to be hard to wait on....Rosie on the left, Kiah on the right and Pippin peaking in the rear. The girls will be bred to RF Xander, a black ram who is as sweet as he is gorgeous. Xander sired some nice lambs this year and now we are hoping for some beauties out of this group, too. Kiah is the only one of these ewes who has lambed before so it is going to be REALLY exciting to see what both Rosie and Pippin produce. Kiah has produced consistently beautiful lambs. She is our Bonnie's mom and I'm still trying to figure out who Bonnie is going to be bred to this year! I think I have done the "Shetland Shuffle", with her, for a couple of weeks now!! Tucker? Thistle? Xander? The wait is on.....


  1. Very pretty ewes! I am hoping for my first gully lambs this year. The next 5-6 months seems like such a long wait.

  2. Well....we should have some guls with these three ewes being bred! We also may breed one or two ewes to our gul ram....still contemplating. I'm excited to see what Rosie is going to produce for her first breeding! She has a gorgeous fleece and is such a doll. It is also a first time breeding for my Pippin and I LOVE her! It's going to be like Christmas time this Spring, isn't it?

  3. I'm breeding my two fawn gulmogets for the first time this fall, too. The fine-fleeced homozygous black katmoget gets them, so I could get blacks, black gulmogets, black katmogets, or black gul/kats out of them! And since I think both ewes are modified, I could also get shaelas.... I'm actually more eager to breed Blake to them to see what I get, but want to see what his first year's fleece tests out at - and use the katmoget while I have the chance.

  4. Oh are going to have a fun Spring full of surprises!!! :0)

  5. Xander babies will be gorgeous and sweet! What about Barley?

  6. Barley has two girls right now and will be getting at least a couple more....can't wait to see what he's going to produce!


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