Saturday, May 23, 2009

Now here is a variety of color and markings....Callum in front...moorit katmoget, Pippin in the back left....maybe fawn (?) gulmoget and sweet black Aberdeen to the right. I have a soft spot for the blacks and greys. Gosh, I love watching these guys! Hope to get some better photos's just hard to fool around with the camera when you just want to sit and snuggle lambs!
This is little Pippin....she and her brother Thistle are the last lambs born for this year. They look like little teddy bears!
Stella, Nadia, and Sophia munching on some thistle. Good girls!!!
Two of the Obies.....

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Peek-a boo Thistle!
Belly deep in grass.....mmmmmmm!
Her's a picture for my friend, Rex
and his mom, Pam. Licorice and Rex's new lamb.....

Saturday, May 9, 2009

This weekend is the NH Sheep and Wool Festival...yippee!! Today is supposed to be a nice day until late afternoon so I'm up early in anticipation...never outgrew that "Christmas morning"feeling when there's a special day ahead of me!! Who needs an alarm clock?

Ken and I are planning on seeing some friends there...some old, some new, but always welcome in our world! It will be nice to see our new friend, Pam.....she and her son Rex are eagerly awaiting their new ewe lamb (now being called Aileen) and then their new ram this Fall....just in time to breed their other ewes! I'll get more pictures posted, Rex!!!
I always run into a few people that I only see at the Festival.....kind of like Old Home Day! to let the sheep out....let the races begin! It's a hoot to watch the lambs when the barn door opens!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The lambing is over and things have settled down to a dull roar....up early for bottle feeding the baby goats and milking Trinket and lamb races every morning when the little ones are let out from the barn....then repeat the process of feeding and milking and try to get the racing horde back into the barn at night....sometimes that's a trick! The between times are usually mad dash races throughout the pasture....something to behold! It brings a giggle to your soul!

I'm also getting anxious about our new rams! We will have a new katmoget ram to replace Sunapee and a beautiful black ram from Ridgeway Farm in Massachusetts. Their respective names are...Tucker and Xander. It will be fun planning this years breedings! We should have quite a few blacks and greys for next year, as well as lots of katmogets!! Tansy and Cappuchino are two of my ewes who are "kats"....can't wait to see what we will get out of Tansy! Cappuchino produced a beautiful katmoget ram for us this year.....maybe next year she'll give us a ewe!

Looking forward to the Sheep and Wool festival this weekend...pray for sunshine!!

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