Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I know they say change is good (whoever "they" are) and it certainly is inevitable, and sometimes it's just plain hard. Today we sold our small herd of Oberhasli goats....hard decision. I do so love goats! Their antics always make me laugh...they truly have a sense of humor! Ken and I had to make some decisions on just where we want to go with the farm and our animals. You know, when push came to shove, we both knew that our Shetlands are a top priority! We love them! This time of year, our morning coffee is enjoyed on the porch while watching lamb races...can you imagine anything better? I can't. Each and every Shetland is loved for who and what they are....Toots is the matron of the flock and keeps things in order, Flopsy is her second in command! We have ewes who become babysitters/nannies and quite often see one ewe in particular go hopping by with 6 lambs in tow! Kiah is a gentle soul who almost smiles at you, and her buddy Tansey reminds me of a bold teenage girl who runs the show. Colby is shy and Mira is bossy. We have older ewes who just want an animal cracker and a chin scratch and yearlings who are so loving that you swear they were raised on a bottle and raised in the house alongside the resident housecats! Much like the perennials, the lambs blossom each leaps and bounds and I love having that as part of my life. Yes...I will miss the goats, but as Ken says, "I'm an Aries, Honey, what do you expect?"

We are in a bit of a holding pattern with lambing, right now. Not sure if Kiah or Toots will be next....I kind of think it might be Toots, but then again...maybe it will be Aster? I'll try to get some lamb photos this is sure to be better. We had flurries this morning!!!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Two by two...

The newest arrivals....ewe lambs! Yippee! I sure do hope this trend continues for the rest of the girls! Kiah looks like she may be next...cross your fingers! Girls, girls, girls girls.....keep em coming!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Sunday afternoon pictures.....

First picture is Little IO out of Licorice and RF Xander...very cute!
These little ewes are two of Flopsy's triplets...Star on the left and Nova on the right.

One of my favorite ewes...(okay they are all favorites)....this is Kiah.

Rosie in the front (thank you Jen and Rich!), Mira is behind her and Cappy is in the rear.

This is to Star and Nova....always getting himself away from the others and into trouble.....ALREADY!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ebony and Ivory....

Simon is a doll and the "Ivory" part of the title....
This is April....the "ebony" part of the title. Now that she has dried off and had a night to relax...she's settling in nicely with Simon. The two of them are precious and we are enjoying them, but they're NOT Shetlands. The Shetlands are definitely a hardy breed and birth easily (so far) and the lambs seem to be up and about sooner, too. I do love the fiber on both of the Romney girls, but Shetlands are "my girls". Nothing will replace them....

Saturday, April 10, 2010

New to follow!

Okay....I have TRIED to call the new little Romney lamb "Quasar", but it just doesn't fit and he looks sooo much like his Dad that I think we are going to call him little Simon....just like Dad. He has a new friend/sister, April, who was born this afternoon. Blossom ( the Finn/Romney cross) had a really cute, jet black ewe lamb around two o'clock! I really thought that she would give us twins...being a Finn cross and all, but I'm glad for a healthy little ewe....or should I say "big" ewe. The Shetland "gang" is running circles around Simon, but he hippity hops along and kind of looks lost, but happy. I just LOVE his "smile" (see last post) Doesn't he look like he's smiling for the camera? I'll post some more pictures tomorrow......maybe we will have some more Shetlands, but in the meantime I'll be sure to post April's picture in the morning when I can see straight! It's been a busy day and I'm ready to hit the hay....

Friday, April 9, 2010

This little guy made his debut on Easter morning...and I have been a bad blogger! It's been a crazy other excuses necessary. Now, obviously, he is NOT a Shetland...he IS a purebred Romney and has been named Quasar. I think he is the epitome of "the little Easter lamb" that you always see in childrens books. Ken says, "He's smiling!" Of course he is....he was born on a sunny Easter morning!
Don't you think he should stay as a fiber animal? I do.....;-)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Early Easter Present!

We are on a roll....Licorice had a ewe lamb yesterday evening right around feeding time. (this is the ONLY reason that she would miss out on a feeding!) She was great as a first timer! Ken and I let things progress on their own, dipped the umbilical cord and then sat back to enjoy the show. I so enjoy listening to the communication between Momma and lamb as they bond. I'm really not sure if Licorice was being very attentive as she licked Io from stem to stern or was she hurrying to finish in hopes of not missing supper? Either way, little Io almost sparkled by the time Licorice was finished with her and settled in to munching some hay.
I wonder who is next??? Maybe Mimosa? Toots? We'll see....

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