Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cappy says, "Who's the new kid that I get stuck babysitting?"

Our new black gulmoget ewe from Rich and Jen Johnson at Whispering Pines.
Rosie is just beautiful!

The end.....

Monday, October 19, 2009

We got "hitched"!!

This has been the most wonderful of weekends....I am going to have to keep my eyes and ears open, though, as now I know just how good Ken is at keeping secrets!! We had planned our wedding for Saturday and I knew my son was coming from California, but didn't know that he would show up with Kara and the baby and my daughter, from Virginia....who rounded out the complete surprise! Can you imagine? The fact that I am blessed to have found such a wonderful man to share my life with is wonderful.....the fact that my kids love him and he loves them....well that's just frosting on the wedding cake! My family now includes three new sons, too, and a prouder Dad could not be found! It's easy to love a man who speaks of his sons with such love....and respect!
It was a glorious day!! The weather co-operated, our families were around us, our friends gathered to celebrate with us....what could have been a better way to rejoice two people having found one another? The pig roast and harvest pot-luck was scrumptious.....SO MUCH FOOD! Friends, old and new, came to enjoy the festivities and just the beauty of the day! We even had some kids...and adults....carving pumpkins!! I loved it! Sometimes it takes a gathering like this to make you open your eyes and see just how lucky you and friends....what else is there? Be sure to give YOUR loved one a hug and REMIND them they are loved....and that they are, indeed, special to you. Never take them for can change in the blink of an eye....CELEBRATE your love of family....and friends!
I hope you enjoy just a few photos....indulge me ;-)

It's all about the love.........

Friday, October 9, 2009

Couldn't resist showing you all this picture of Mrs Wilson in Kens drum set. She decided it was a GREAT place for a nap.....AFTER they finished practice on Wednesday night.

I hate to think that it's almost time to bring in my angel from the garden!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Remembering summer.....and our visit from our California contingent!

Matt and Kara

Papa Ken and his boys...

Eliot stayed home with Mimi and Papa Ken while the big guys went to the Potholes....maybe next year he will try out the COLD water. This year it's all about Elmo!!

The "boys from California" enjoying our local Potholes in Sandwich NH....favorite spot of the trip!

My dimpled grandson Andrew....

My grandson Diego...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Morning mist in the meadow....wait a minute! Is that mist or frost?!! Yikes!

Very wooly Colby.....mmmmm nice fleece.'s definately Fall.

The tenants have moved out.....must be "snowbirds".

Luke says, "I'm bushed, it bedtime, yet?"
The heck with "Dancing with the Stars" and ballroom's time to do the Shetland Shuffle!! Everybody dance now!
Yup...the leaves are turning, the rams are sniffing, the nights are getting cooler. How many more times can I change my mind? Actually, I'm pretty decided on what I'm doing...heck, I'm already naming them....and shopping for a new ewe! I wish I had the "magic" of Bewitched so I could just wiggle my nose and be at another farm...touching fleeces and seeing the sire and dam of another line to bring in to my flock. Some of you guys are just soooo far away! Help! Anyone have a helicopter? I DO have one ewe on my wish list....and have scouted out a few others. Don't you just love shopping? I research the pedigrees like I'm saving coupons! This is much more fun!!! You can have Macy's and Kohl's and QVC and L.L.Bean...whomever!...give me a platinum card for the feed store and my Shetland Shopping Network...much more satisfying! Speaking of which...I need to buy some more sheep coats.... :-)

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