Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fat Wooly ewes

Yup, that's Golden Rod in the background....hopefully it will be a new pasture area next year. In terms of NOW, that means more fencing. Is the fencing ever done? By the looks of the one is suffering from malnutrition!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

You looking at me?

Cappy with her ewe lamb, yet to be named....this is a photo by my friend Deirdre. I have a feeling the "little miss" will be joining Deirdre's flock, along with her new ram and the other girls, very soon. Or will it be the flecket ewe? Decisions....decisions.


She's one of our favorite girls....our "plain brown wrapper" who has given us katmogets, gulmogets and now fleckets this year! She also is a sweet and friendly girl who is always there for a scritch.....but, especially if you have animal crackers in your pocket! Tootie is the ambassador for our Shetland sheep. She wags ger tail when petted and pretty much "sells herself"...that's how I got her. I went to see her lamb, that was for sale, and bought Tootie instead! Thanks for this picture Deirdre....I love it!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Coming soon to a pasture near you..... Percy is coming to MY pasture.....and I'm getting excited. Everytime a new sheep comes here, I feel like it's my birthday....without adding more numbers. Know what I mean?
With some of our lambs already gone or leaving soon, it's nice to have one coming to stay....and bring in some "new" blood, too.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Heat wave!'s been pretty toasty around these parts...they say it's hot enough to breed sheep. (I don't get that??) Don't we wait for the cool Fall air to get things moving along? Well, I'll tell you what! I'm ready! Yes, our winters are long (sometimes a bit too long) but COME ON.....this is ridiculous! It's September and "we're having a HEAT WAVE....a tropical heat wave". ENOUGH! It's time for "autumn leaves" or at the very least a nice "Cool breeze, Mon". I feel like I'm in Jamaica...might as well have a nice Jamaican rum punch on the patio (okay, the porch) and sit under an umbrella and watch the palm trees sway (how about the maples?) I know we're supposed to be watching for the approaching weather system, "Hurricane Earl", but I think I may send him a personal invitation.....if he promises to bring a change in the's time for favorite time of year.

Ah, Dad? The pool's a little small....I think we need to upgrade!

What? My feet were hot!

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