Monday, September 17, 2012

There's a change in the weather....

Yikes! Chilly tamale?
You know that Shetland Shuffle I like to refer to....well, this year, I don't think we'll be doing that dance! Pike Hill Acer, our new moorit ram, will most likely be our "ram of choice" for the girls who want to fill their dance card. He has gorgeous fleece, horns, and conformation...what more could they ask for? He's a-hunk  a-hunka burnin' love and they will be swooning sometime very soon. Hopefully, I will get out to take some pictures today....stay tuned. In the meantime, put on some Elvis tunes and do a little gets the heart pumping and the body warmer on these cool mornings! It's either that or a hot cup of cocoa!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Always hope over the horizon....just thought this was a nice picture of early morning mist.....hope you enjoy.

September morn....

Today it feels like Fall is in the air. It rained last night and there is a coolness lurking this morning with more rain just starting to fall again. The dogs are loving it! Those hot muggy days were just too much for them and they did a lot of "swimming" in the kiddie pool to cool off. The Shetlands are enjoying the respite, too! They have stopped just hanging out at the water cooler and seem to actually enjoy a walk through the pasture to check things out....any new sprigs of grass? The pasture is about down to nothing and we have started feeding out some beautiful second cut hay.....not turning up their noses, I'll tell you THAT! A local farmer also gives us their "corn squeezings"....better known as husks. The sheep LOVE it! The pumpkins will soon follow.....usually a nice truck load to spoil them all before the breeding season kicks off. Ahhh, the breeding season. A year or so back I dubbed breeding season the "Shetland Shuffle" know, the period of who's breeding whom and how many times we change our minds about it? Well this year I pretty much am all set.....with a gorgeous new ram purchased from Pike Hill Farm. Acer is a moorit with an outstanding fleece and gorgeous conformation and horns....I can't wait to see what he will produce for lambs next Spring! For now, I will enjoy the coolness of the morning, put on a light sweater and have another cup of tea. Have a wonderful day, friends.

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