Monday, July 26, 2010

Simply Simon

Okay...he's not a Shetland, but he's darn cute!!!

Growing like a weed....

Bella says "I Do go see the sheep, but they keep trying to beat me up! Mom's spoiling me and talking about going to obedience class. What's an obedience class? Is it something good?"

Saturday, July 24, 2010

It's raining........

KATMOGETS!!! We finished off the lambing season.....finally! Thanks to Tuckers persistance (just wanted to make sure the job was done) we had our second crop of lambs last week. Tansey had twin rams and Cappy had a ram and a ewe. They have been bombing around the pasture today....just enjoying life!

Friday, July 23, 2010


I DO have a really good excuse, though....we have had family visiting from California and Virginia. Does that work? I know, I excuse, but I thought maybe you would understand a house FULL of grandsons! Yup...they range from Sage, who is 17, down to Eliot who is 2, and we have Diego and Andrew in the middle (they are 11 and 7). Great ages all and wonderful to have here for a visit that is never long enough! Andrew got to see lambs being born "Wow that's gross.... but awesome, too". He's our future farmer...loves the out of the car when they got here with his barn boots on and ready to go! Gotta love it! Eliot loved his ride on Thomas the Train. Boy, is that munchkin a train fan...knows all of the Thomas the Train characters. We had to have a train set here for his birthday and a Thomas the Train birthday cake, too...didn't want him to have withdrawal while he was away from home, you know! That giggle of his is in my heart until next year. Diego got to stick his feet in the Atlantic ocean so he now lays claim to BOTH sides of the country!! He's the one, soon to be 12, that, when they finally move here, will have all the girls turning their head...."Who's the guy from California"? And Sage.....well, he FINALLY got to see Papa Ken ( his drummer idol) do a drum solo when the band played out at a local gig....I hear it was the highlight of his trip.....(seeing that Sage is ALSO a drummer)! I can't believe "my bud" is going to be 17 in a few weeks!! He and his Mom lived about a mile from us when he was growing up and I miss having him around....his visits always end way too quickly.
So now maybe you understand a little of what's been happening here....we DID have two sets of katmoget twins born, too!! One had twin rams and the other had a ram and a ewe. Yup...late... wasn't planned that way.... I thought they were already bred by Tucker in December and then dear sweet Tucker decided to jump the fence to make sure he got the job done. I think the new ram enclosure would like nice at my neighbors down the road, don't you?
Hopefully I will find my USB "thingy" so I can download a few's someplace safe....God knows where!!

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