Monday, September 14, 2009

This one (and the next) is for Shula! Colby is doing wonderful!

Too bad this one came out fuzzy...her fleece is exquisite!

Here are a couple of photos of Trinket....stalking Mrs Wilson.

My little Bonnie is as sweet as she looks....I love her! She is the result of a very persistent ram visiting her mom, Painted Knoll Kiah, last January! There was no fence that would hold him back.....he was like the postman...neither rain, nor snow, nor any stinkin' fence would keep him from delivering the goods.

Don't know how well you can see this ewes fleece, but I am SO happy with her! This is Aberdeen out of Shetering Pines Aster , an emsket ewe and KSpirit Farm Mocha Rizing my dark moorit ram. Again.....can't wait to get results on THIS fleece!!!

I tried to get a few photos this afternoon before I lost the light....this is Pippin. She has a beautriful fleece with nice crimp. After reading Garrett's post about micron testing, I'm anxious to see what results we get on the girls from this Spring!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Just a few pictures.....I've been very lax about posting, lately!
The flower gardens are starting to look rather ragged and it's actually been cold for a few mornings. A little North of us, they have already had a frost! Fall is in the air! It's my favorite time of year, though...crisp mornings, no bugs, no humidity!
I know it also means that winter will be nipping at us before you know it, but I'll enjoy this time and prepare my list of breeding groups and change my mind a few times.....and change it back again!
Fall is a time to gather and prepare.....fill the pantry, stack the wood, prepare the garden beds for winter, put up some more hay, etc, etc, etc! I've finished putting up my jams and pickles and Ken has finished digging his potatoes. The pumpkins are growing, as are the butternut squash, and will be ready to put up in the cellar for later in the year. It's a good feeling....getting ready.

Flopsy will be bred to Xander this Fall......we're hoping for some nice BLACK lambs next Spring!

Little Miss Pippin....she's one of Toots' twin gulmogets from this Spring. I love her fleece! She's a little sprite, too! She is staying....for sure!

Mimosa.....she is such a nice addition to the flock! I don't know who she will be bred to, but I'm sure we'll get some nice lambs out of her next Spring!

Toots will be bred to our new ram Tucker.... he's a beautiful katmoget!
She produced a nice black katmoget for us her first year and a set of twin gulmogets this year.

Mrs Wilson.....don't think there's a mouse in there, but you look cute!

This is one of our four resident rodent patrol...obviously on break!

Mrs Wilson and Ella sunning themselves.....

Luke says, "Mom's been busy, but I'll make sure she posts more often!"

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