Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Triple Trouble....

Flopsy finally came through....with TRIPLETS! We have two black ewes (one is a krunet and the other a smirslet)and a solid moorit ram. I guess this was worth the wait, huh? She had gorgeous triplets last year and I kicked myself for not keeping one....won't make that mistake THIS year!
We have decided on "heavenly" names this year. Once in a Blue Moon was our first lamb of the year..... Comet, Galaxy, and Morning Star are a few other names we have tossed around, but we would be open to any and all suggestions!! After seeing posts for another blog on names, I think you guys have much better ideas than what I come up with! Let's hear a few.....

Monday, March 29, 2010

Update! Update!

Try my hardest, but I couldn't get the darn pictures to upload.....I really dislike computers and connections and jpegs and megabytes...all of that other techno-babble. I DO, however, love walking out to the barn and being greeted by two little Oberhaslis! Yup...things are FINALLY happening! Kelly had twin doelings....what a good girl! Flopsy is in the jug next door....hopefully she paid to follow when I get this darn computer to co-operate!

Full Moon???

Nothing to lambs, just sleepless nights, tea-time at 4 a.m. again this morning after a quick check of the barn, some snow and slush, and exhaustion! I'm too old to be on baby watch, but I can't sleep when the temps dip to brrrrrrrr! I worry....I'm good at that!

We have decided to sell our yearling Oberhasli dairy goats. Just can't divide my time between the needs of the dairy goats and the needs of the sheep....I want to concentrate on the sheep. It drives me crazy when I go to get some sheep snuggles (with a pocket full of animal crackers) and I have goats dancing on my back! They are on the smaller side of the goat scale, but they are NOT pygmy or Nigerian dwarf, that's for sure! I have thought of Angoras and/or possibly pygoras...anyone's thoughts out there? Am I asking for more trouble? I know that the Angoras aren't nuts like the dairy goats...what about the pygoras? Maybe small enough to blend with the smaller Shetlands? HELP! I think I'm suffering from lack of sleep.....

Friday, March 26, 2010's not lambs, but we had babies last night! We ended up with four little "mini-me's". Mrs Wilson finally had her kittens!!! I haven't had kittens on the farm in about 15 years and had forgotten just how tiny they are....itsty bitsy tiny! Mrs Wilson is what we fondly refer to as "our golden retriever"....she fetches tennis balls, plays in the water buckets and just is down right cute! Her best buddy is our Great Pyrenees....strange bed-fellows, eh?
Now if the sheep would co-operate.....

Monday, March 22, 2010

Flopsy is on strike!
I would love to oblige you with wonderful pictures of bouncing baby lambs, but the ewes just aren't co-operating! We have lambs due, kids due and even kittens due! Everyone is in a holding pattern. Hopefully, we will have some photos to share of cute little "somethings"...take your pick! In the meantime, I think I'll have a cup of tea before I head out to the barn for another lamb check. My sleeping pattern is just plain shot at this point!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Some people knit wonderful hats and sweaters....others crochet exquisite shawls and vests...some people weave table runners.
Me? Well....I've discovered needle felting and I can't wait to learn wet felting and any other thing connected with felting!!!! I have always felt (no, not intended as a pun) very limited in the artistic ability category..... I'm also very short on patience....can't sit still for too long and am always on the run!!! But I really am having a blast making these little lambies. Hmmm, maybe I'll try a llama next.....

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