Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Some people knit wonderful hats and sweaters....others crochet exquisite shawls and vests...some people weave table runners.
Me? Well....I've discovered needle felting and I can't wait to learn wet felting and any other thing connected with felting!!!! I have always felt (no, not intended as a pun) very limited in the artistic ability category..... I'm also very short on patience....can't sit still for too long and am always on the run!!! But I really am having a blast making these little lambies. Hmmm, maybe I'll try a llama next.....


  1. Very cute esp. the little bell! I too have been dabbling with needle felting and really enjoy it. I just have to find the time..hopefully this summer I can be more productive:)

  2. I think they're very cute! Love the little locks showing here and there....

  3. Donna - these are adorable! Glad Rosie is doing well! Thanks for the updates!

  4. Are you kidding??? I'm almost embarrassed that you even checked these out!!! They look like cartoons compared to yours! I guess we each have our place.....mine is with the three stooges! LOL

  5. So cute (and easy-keepers, too). Would love to see your llama when you get one done.

  6. I need some of these. How many can you make in a few days time (when you have full nights of sleep? :P


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