Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sleepless nights and Leonid showers

Well, Ken and his buds are off to "boys camp"...also known as Hunting Camp, but we wives know better! Actually, Ken is more into bringing his camera and communing with Nature...he just likes being outdoors! Having said that....now you know why I'm having sleepless nights and was up to see the Leonid showers! It was pretty cool at 3:00 a.m. here in New Hampshire, but well worth bundling up for! Just going out at that time of the night/morning....whatever....well, it's just plain beautiful! The crispness of the air fills your lungs....the stars really do twinkle....and there goes a meteor! It was magical....

Friday, November 6, 2009

Breakfast at Tiffany's :-)

Okay...it's not a sheep, but I love this picture of Mrs Wilson sharing Cody's breakfast. My big ol guard dog....who guards and watches from the huge dog yard...I just couldn't leave him in the barn! He definitely lets us know when things are out and about, but what a love, too! Mrs Wilson (and Ella, her "sister") go into the dog yard and snuggle up to the big lug and "knead" on him....he just looks at me and sighs.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


November always seems to just "appear" on the tail of Autumn and all the beauty that goes with it. November doesn't have the color and pizazz of October or the anticipation of December and the coming snows that blanket everything with WHITE......it just IS. I commented to Ken the other day about how I really don't like November...it's very blah. He laughed and reminded me of the beauty of the stark trees and their finger like branches as they reach for the sky, the clouds that gather with the impending snow storms to come, and the leaves that continue dance across the lawn. How can you not love someone who reminds you of the beauty in even the darkest and most blah times of the year. As I sit here this morning enjoying my tea, I can see the sunrise just starting to peak over the mountains out front....the silhouette of the mountains with hints of blue, a touch of gold and a blush of pink and branches etched across the sky.....exquisite! November has a beauty all of it's own. Thanks, Ken.

Monday, November 2, 2009

It was a working weekend.....even Luke was tired! (Tim took a break from guard duties to take a snooze). We moved some fence netting to separate the 4 ewe lambs and give them more room to play. The call ducks got moved into their new quarters ( still have their pool for now) and the chickens got moved into their roomy coop. Fall is when all the loose ends need to be tied up before those North winds start to blow!! I don't look forward to winter right now, but it's because there is so much to do! Once the rest of the wood is stacked (three more cords to go), and the first snowflakes fall....I'll snuggle up to the woodstove and relax!
I love how the mountains change with every season....and the full moon, too. Some of the winter shots are spectacular.....I'll keep you posted! For now, I'm going to stoke the stove...it's getting chilly.

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