Tuesday, November 3, 2009


November always seems to just "appear" on the tail of Autumn and all the beauty that goes with it. November doesn't have the color and pizazz of October or the anticipation of December and the coming snows that blanket everything with WHITE......it just IS. I commented to Ken the other day about how I really don't like November...it's very blah. He laughed and reminded me of the beauty of the stark trees and their finger like branches as they reach for the sky, the clouds that gather with the impending snow storms to come, and the leaves that continue dance across the lawn. How can you not love someone who reminds you of the beauty in even the darkest and most blah times of the year. As I sit here this morning enjoying my tea, I can see the sunrise just starting to peak over the mountains out front....the silhouette of the mountains with hints of blue, a touch of gold and a blush of pink and branches etched across the sky.....exquisite! November has a beauty all of it's own. Thanks, Ken.

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