Sunday, June 28, 2009

Our new sheep arrived yesterday...I had hoped to get some pictures, but by the time we got home, everyone, including Ken and I were pooped out! We got the new kids on the block all settled in, did chores and went inside to RELAX! I'll try to get some shots today and have them on the blog tomorrow.
It was great to meet Shula, who we got Colby and Xander from, and Penny who bought Luag from us! We met at Shula's to do our "swap meet"....always nice to meet other Shetland people!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Another view of the bird condos....even a view of the mountains! How can you go wrong? And the rent is so "cheep".... :-)
This is Duncan and his mom Tansey. He's growing like the proverbial weed.....
Now here's a condominium! We have a family of chick-a-dees living in part of the "complex", but right now, that's it! Maybe we should put out a "FOR RENT" sign??

Monday, June 15, 2009

Mira is enjoying her time away from her lambs!! The first lambs left on Friday...Flopsy's ewe lamb Maisie and her buddy Bramble now reside at the Morse homestead in Sandwich. Ella and Will Morse were VERY excited to get their lambs home! There was even talk of sleeping bags in the barn...don't know if that happened. The next batch of sheep leaving will be Cappuchino's ram lamb, Callum, Lorna and Mira's as yet unnamed ewe lamb...she should be called Miss Congeniality. She is so friendly....first one to come up for a chin scratch and last one to leave! Just when it seems that our numbers may go down a bit, I realize that we will be picking up our new ram Xander and Colby from Ridgeway Farm and another ram, Tucker, from Painted Knoll..... in just a couple of weeks! I'll be sure to post more pictures!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The two sheep on the left are Cappuchino and her ram lamb just behind her.....Flopsy is to the right with two of her lambs beside her. Everyone is getting so big! Tomorrow the lambs get separated for weaning....finally! Mom's have already started to just walk away when the lambs try to nurse now. Can't say as I blame them!!
This little angel was the first surprise....she was born the day before Tansey's little guy. Her Mom Kiah was looking a little fat, but we attributed it to good grazing...and being a little "piglet" at the grain feeder! Both are doing great!! I like these kind of surprises!!
Here's our newest surprise....Tansey had a little katmoget ram!!! He was courtesy of our ram "Booger", who jumped the fence in January!!!.

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