Monday, March 22, 2010

Flopsy is on strike!
I would love to oblige you with wonderful pictures of bouncing baby lambs, but the ewes just aren't co-operating! We have lambs due, kids due and even kittens due! Everyone is in a holding pattern. Hopefully, we will have some photos to share of cute little "somethings"...take your pick! In the meantime, I think I'll have a cup of tea before I head out to the barn for another lamb check. My sleeping pattern is just plain shot at this point!


  1. I hear you! One lambed that I didn't expect to and the ones offically due or past due are not doing anything other than looking huge and acting uncomfortable. I guess it is the watched pot sort of thing...

  2. But, I'm afraid NOT to watch "the pot"....I think I just continue to worry until the last one has lambed and this year it's going to be even worse because there are a couple that I'm not even sure got bred. When do you STOP worrying??? Congrats on your new lamb, by the way, she's adorable.

  3. It's the last few weeks/days that get you isn't it? I hope you have a smooth and relatively stress free lambing season. Soon.


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