Thursday, October 1, 2009

The heck with "Dancing with the Stars" and ballroom's time to do the Shetland Shuffle!! Everybody dance now!
Yup...the leaves are turning, the rams are sniffing, the nights are getting cooler. How many more times can I change my mind? Actually, I'm pretty decided on what I'm doing...heck, I'm already naming them....and shopping for a new ewe! I wish I had the "magic" of Bewitched so I could just wiggle my nose and be at another farm...touching fleeces and seeing the sire and dam of another line to bring in to my flock. Some of you guys are just soooo far away! Help! Anyone have a helicopter? I DO have one ewe on my wish list....and have scouted out a few others. Don't you just love shopping? I research the pedigrees like I'm saving coupons! This is much more fun!!! You can have Macy's and Kohl's and QVC and L.L.Bean...whomever!...give me a platinum card for the feed store and my Shetland Shopping Network...much more satisfying! Speaking of which...I need to buy some more sheep coats.... :-)


  1. Well, I DO love the dancing shows (not that I have time to watch them), but I'd take that platinum card for the feed store, Rocky Sheep Suits and the Shetland Shopping Network! Garrett just featured a ewe on his blog that I WANT!!! Sigh.

  2. He has a ewe that I want....and lives too darn far away...hence the need for the helicopter! I love living in NH...except when I'm shopping on the Shetland Shopping Network... :-(


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