Friday, April 9, 2010

This little guy made his debut on Easter morning...and I have been a bad blogger! It's been a crazy other excuses necessary. Now, obviously, he is NOT a Shetland...he IS a purebred Romney and has been named Quasar. I think he is the epitome of "the little Easter lamb" that you always see in childrens books. Ken says, "He's smiling!" Of course he is....he was born on a sunny Easter morning!
Don't you think he should stay as a fiber animal? I do.....;-)


  1. So did I miss the post that you also have Romney's? that is one fiber animal I was thinking of adding....a white ewe actually! I say he is a keeper esp. cuz he is white;)

  2. Yup...we have a purebred Romney and a Romney Finn cross who came to live here this winter (divorce happens) and also came with (and bred to)a beautiful white ram who now lives with our shearer who raises Romneys. The Romney cross had a beautiful BLACK ewe lamb this afternoon...really thought being a Finn cross that she would have at least twins, but I think the girls were a little neglected before they got here....they`are spoiled rotten now and are fondly referred to as "the Buffalo Girls"...alot bigger than the Shetlands, but they fit right in with everyone.

  3. He's a cutie and yes he sure looks like he's smiling. I need to stick with just shetlands or I know I'd collect them all lol. I like Cotswolds with their dreadlocks. Congrats with your lambs.


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