Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Early Easter Present!

We are on a roll....Licorice had a ewe lamb yesterday evening right around feeding time. (this is the ONLY reason that she would miss out on a feeding!) She was great as a first timer! Ken and I let things progress on their own, dipped the umbilical cord and then sat back to enjoy the show. I so enjoy listening to the communication between Momma and lamb as they bond. I'm really not sure if Licorice was being very attentive as she licked Io from stem to stern or was she hurrying to finish in hopes of not missing supper? Either way, little Io almost sparkled by the time Licorice was finished with her and settled in to munching some hay.
I wonder who is next??? Maybe Mimosa? Toots? We'll see....


  1. Congratulations and well done on another ewe lamb, she's very cute :)

  2. Xander has given us some nice lambs so far! Good boy, Xander!


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