Thursday, January 14, 2010

On a happier note.....

There's one in every crowd....and here, it's Cody. He LOVES the snow! Did I mention that he LOVES the snow? I mean, look at him! He would stay out for hours on end and actually prefers the outside to being by the woodstove, can you imagine? Me...well, if I had my "druthers"....give me a nice mug of hot chocolate, a good book (or Shetland Sheep NASSA news), sidle up to the woodstove....heaven! I used to ski alot, and loved it, but my knees yell at me now. Maybe I could try cross country skiing again...or just get on the rowing machine in a nice warm house and wait for Spring. I DO enjoy a day like today, though.....sunny and in the 30's with no wind. I can accept that....for now.

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