Monday, February 15, 2010

I hear we're supposed to get a snowstorm on Tuesday. Now, I know I shouldn't complain...we have been spared the last few storms! They have all hit well South of us! Thankfully. It's just that I've been enjoying the respite this year....and I'm seeing some bare ground!! Why just a couple of days ago, there was a little bit of melting going on and I could actually see a tiny bit of water running down the driveway!!! That's supposed to be a sign of Spring, isn't it??
I have a feeling that by Tuesday afternoon this will be a completely different scene!!


  1. your lucky ive got hit with EVERY storm we have and the one for tuesday is already starting up here

  2. have no fear, I, just like Mac, have gotten something or have been a direct hit, for snow this year! More tonight, maybe 2-4 inches and I am praying the propane truck can get down the driveway this week!

  3. Hope you did ok. We got about 8 inches but today some has started melting. I miss seeing the ground too. Roll on spring.


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