Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I need your help....your creative help!

Okay....I have been making felted soap bars....and having a blast! I have to get on the stick and do some more felted sheep for a Christmas Open House, too. BUT...in the meantime....what the heck do I call my soaps?? I need to come up with something very soon!!!
Here are a few suggestions:

Soap in a Coat
Ewenique Soap
Ewenique Sudz
Soap 4 Ewe

For some reason, either it doesn't knock my socks off or whatever, I can't seem to find the "right one". Now, my friend Sally came up with Flockin' Soap and I laughed my head off, but thought better of marketing it that way. ;0) She did have a very funny scenario for a commercial, though! So seriously...what are your ideas? Anyone out there with a good twist to scrubbable fleece for people? Or wooly soap?


  1. I really like soap in a coat but I'll give it some more thought and let you know if I come up with anything.

  2. I like Woolly Soap, or even Woolly Washers.

  3. Thanks guys....I "hit the wall" when it came time to give the product an appealing name...something cute and attention-getting, but not too dorky!You know what I mean.... :0)

  4. How do you make felted soap bars. I've been wanting to try that. I make the soap and I have some wool...

  5. How bout something like Lathering Lamb. or Felted Foaming Fleece. Or wooly wash? I got a million of 'em...just go through the alphabet. Good luck at the open house anyways. Whatever you name them I am sure they are going to be a hit!

  6. Once again Michelle....:0)
    I really like Woolly Washers. My husband thinks that Woolly Washers on a Wope is a wonderful idea....he's such a wise-guy! Seriously, I have polled friends and relatives and driven my colleagues at work (who ARE friends and relatives) well,I've driven them to distraction....a short drive and a very nice place to visit. The consensus is....Woolly Washers...(Ken says "on a Wope")! So...Michelle....you've done it again! Thank you!

  7. Hey, I like having such a good record! ;-) (And Ken's idea makes me smile.) Do I get a Woolly Washer for coming up with the winning name???

  8. It's funny you asked that.....that is EXACTLY what Ken said...."She won, you have to send her out a Woolly Washer!" I will do so next week, Michelle. Gee, shall I send one with a "wope"?

  9. Don't need a wope; I have a soap shelf in my shower.


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