Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Diatomeceous Earth????

Anyone have any input? I have been researching this stuff and am very curious to hear from people who may have used this for worming their sheep and/or goats....or what-have-you. We have been using it in the barn to kill flies and such, but I don't know of anyone personally who has tried this for worming! HELP! Yes...we are using the "for human consumption" grade.....


  1. I've heard great things but haven't tried it myself.

  2. WE have used this a lot with our chicken with great results, not as much luck with the sheep though. It helps, but it's not the end all of sheep worming. It's very good on external parasites as well as the internal. We use DE and only worm chemically with those that have heavy worm loads. We are breeding towards parasite resistance. I also feed a lot of pumpkins in the fall, and I will have to brag that we had fecal floats done and had several sheep with no evidence of eggs at all. I have found that DE works best when coupled with other treatments.

  3. I will ditto Kelly on what she said. I sprinkle it in all my stalls weekly esp. after I clean up. You can mix it with their grain in small amounts but mine just turn their nose at me. Its safe for goats also. I have found the pumpkin route is best. All my friends know to donate uncarved pumpkins to me:) Have you looked into using kelp also?


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