Monday, January 16, 2012

January tidbits...

Winnie with a mouthful of hay.....her usual headshot! Rosie, the ewe in front, came back into heat this week so we put her in with Barley who bred her the instant she went through the gate! Guess we'll have a few late lambs......

The ducks aren't impressed with the size of the pool, but are grateful for a place to wash-up and paddle for a minute.
I love these guys....they make me laugh everyday!

Miss Pearl was doing her best impression of "OMG it's cold outside...PLEASE can I have just a little more grain?" Those pleading eyes can't hide the big belly!

The end of the day brought a few jeweled treetops...a little compensation for a bitterly cold day.

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  1. Sherbet Sheep enjoyed visiting Kindred Spirit Farm. I would love you to come for tea at Clover Cottage.


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