Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cuteness rules!

I was just writing in my journal about the fun, and the work, involved with raising pups. As much as I have LOVED rasing pups over the years (Newfs for 20+ years) ...I am really having my doubts about another litter. A few people have voiced "Are you having another litter?" Not too sure.....there are so many dogs in rescue! This has been wonderful and we may keep one for ourselves.....just not sure about a "repeat". Guilt....ain't it grand?


  1. I agree about the number of dogs in rescue, but aren't these LGDs? Acquiring those from rescue can be a little more risky if you want them to work, so I do think there is a need for puppies raised with livestock from good working parents. That one sure is cute!!!

    1. Thanks Michelle. You raise a good point, but I'm still struggling with my guilt...especially since our other two dogs are both rescues! Purebred rescues! I guess I will know next year....or at least have to make a decision by then....spay or breed one more litter?

  2. Whatta cutie and you shouldn't feel guilty! I know when the time comes next year, you'll know what decision to make and when you do, don't second guess yourself and don't look back. I admire you for thinking this whole thing through, I know the choice isn't easy, which is why I have no doubt you'll do the right thing!


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