Saturday, November 2, 2013

Remember me? about a year ago I promised to get my butt in gear and start posting again. Didn't happen, did it? Well.....I'm starting my New Years resolution early....or am I really, really late? Not sure.'s an update or what's been happening on the Farm. We are still raising Shetland sheep and had some corkers this Spring our of Pike Hill Acer, a moorit ram with UK breeding. His fleece is just exquisite! Now we wait and see how the lambs turn far so good! We had lots of nice moorits, as well as some black, a few gulmogets and one katmoget....all were nice, some better than others, but we only kept 3 ewes and one ram to grow out.  I contained myself!
Yesterday we brought home two white Border Leicester cross ewes....I know, I know. I'm a sucker, but they are beautiful! I think they will add some nice fleece to the stash we already have here....Shetland, Alpaca, and mohair from our three Angora Goats. Yup.....the farm has grown since my last posting! We have enjoyed adding the two Alpacas to the menagerie of what is already part of our crazy lives. Oh....did I mention that Olive and Gracie live here? Who are they? Why they are the cutest mini-donks that you have ever seen! I guess I better get posting some pictures, too......tomorrow is another day.


  1. CUTE!!!!!!!!!! It must be so much fun to have them.
    Happy Sunday

  2. Oh, that lamb is gorgeous; sounds like you have a GREAT ram to do some wonderful things in your flock! Congrats on all the other additions, although if they are keeping you from blogging then I am just a tad bit resentful. ;-)

  3. in general has kept me from blogging! I need to slow down a bit and cut back on the extras that keep me away! It's good to be back!


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