Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Last but not least........

Aster is our hold out this year.....any day now I expect TWIN EWES!
Okay...please may I have twin ewes?


  1. That is such a beautiful fleece! I hope Aster listens better than Katie did....

  2. What color is Aster? It is a beautiful color!

  3. She is registered as black, but is definately grey....emsket? The colors on shetlands are mind boggling to me!!!

  4. It is an interesting color. I'll hope for ewe lambs for you. Colby's boy looks like he has a nice fleece.

  5. Wrong sheep...yes it's Aster, but she's registered as Emsket NOT black (Flopsy is the black one) Aster is Sheltering Pines breeding out of Sheltering Pines King Arthur (black) and Sheltering Pines Aytac (emsket). AND I just came in from the barn and she had twin EWES!!!


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