Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Transport from Michigan?

Hello all...I'm trying to find transport for my new Pyr pup from Michigan. We live in New Hampshire, but wouldn't mind a rendezvous nearby....Vermont? Massachusetts? Eastern New York (near Vermont?) Maine? Any help would be greatly appreciated as we are having bad "CAR-ma" at the moment!! Vehicles are down for the count and needing some TLC. She is ready next week, but we are open for dates....not too far away, I hope. Thanks.


  1. I wish you better luck than I had finding transportation for a poll-carrier ewe to Garrett's so he could bring out to Black Sheep Gathering for me! It never materialized....

  2. Hi Michelle
    I'm putting out feelers everywhere, but so far the best I MIGHT have is July 2-4....there is an All American Sheep Junior show in Lansing. Possibly someone going from Maine who is very nearby where I live...I'll know in a couple of days, but not sure if it will materialize. Why does everything happen at once? It couldn't be worse timing with our cars ALL down and needing repair or replacement!!

  3. Oh I have someone :) They are transporting a sheep for me from there in June to NY a farm in NY on the 27th. Someone else is looking after my lamb till the 28th and then I am picking him up. She might take a puppy?

    It costs $50 for the MI to NY transport. Then I am not sure if you can pick your puppy up on the 27th or email me and I can put you in touch with the person looking after my lamb. Of course I guess it depends where in MI but worth a shot.


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