Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Life IS good....

Now this obviously isn't a sheep.....and I know this is a blog about sheep, but it's also about Kindred Spirit Farm and what we hope to accomplish here....a certain way of life...of being. At this time in my life, I had hoped to be able to gear down a bit. Okay, well that's not happening! So everyday I try to find a few minutes of peace...a little oasis of time...and remind myself of my direction. Ken brought a certain kind of Zen here to Kindred Spirit Farm....he has taught me (okay I'm still learning) to calm myself and let things follow their path. I am my happiest, and probably my calmest, when I'm sitting in the pasture just watching the sheep....or sitting on the porch in my rocker and looking out at the mountains. Nature and animals in particular have always been what calms me.....hence Kindred Spirit Farm. It just expressed what I want in my life. We are Kindred Spirits here....Ken and I, the cats and dogs, the sheep, the woodsy creatures all around us. Kindred Spirits all....


  1. Very nice post- thank you!

  2. Yes, a lovely post. I, too, am happiest with my critters, whatever their covering.

  3. See? More kindred spirits.....we truly are a breed of out own. Not everyone understands our link to critters...I've been hooked as far back as I can remember!!

  4. What a sweet picture! Cats were my first love, and I never get tired of seeing pictures of their happy faces!!

  5. Thank you, Kim.
    The cat in the picture is Kitoo (kitten #2) who was enjoying a sunny spot in front of the kitchen window. The glass of wine is actually a candle! LOL It certainly looks like a nice spot to relax in, though, doesn't it?


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